How to Deal with Stress Using Easy Tips for Reducing Stress Forever

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"Why is Everyone So Stressed Out?"

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Perhaps the better question is: are you ready to learn how to deal with stress; and would you like FREE tips for reducing stress? My personal formula for stress reduction is 3 parts Law of Attraction, 2 parts Superfood Nutrition and 1 part Feng Shui. I believe that these 3 elements create the best stress management and they are all available here. You can start by clicking a topic on the left menu bar of this page. Each of those articles has underlined links in the text to take you further into this website.

How often do people have this thought:

"I feel like I'm at the end of my rope. Sometimes I think I need a new life!"

I have learned a lot about how to deal with stress. From experience and trial and error, I know now how anyone can get a more peaceful life while staying in the same place with the same people. Here are my self-tested and easy tips for reducing stress forever.

I am a teacher by trade, a mom of three and earned my Ph.D. after 12 years of college. I lived and breathed stress every day for over a decade, and suffered the consequences. But now I enjoy a (mostly) peaceful life, filled with appreciation and the fun of watching my wishes come true.

I still teach everyday and have young children at home and lots of responsibilities, but I've learned what to do to make stress bounce off of me like a bullet ricocheting off a piece of bullet-proof glass.

Why Should You Read These Articles and Use These Tools?

Learning how to deal with stress can improve your life dramatically. I think learning from someone, who has experienced a lot of craziness and has overcome this debilitating life style can be a great resource. I know how to deal with stress, and I intend for this site to be of help to the many stressed-out readers that come here everyday.

I will help you learn how to...

  • find and fix your relationships
  • manage your anger
  • boost your immune system
  • lose pounds
  • earn extra money
  • feng shui your environment instantly
  • do easy yoga
  • develop your intuition
  • expand your spirituality
  • relax your mind quickly

I provide specific instructions for how to deal with stress, and each strategy begins working immediately!

All you need to do is CLICK on the links you find while you skim through these articles.

The stress management strategies here can quickly become good habits, which are easy to follow without much effort. You'll even get wonderful health benefits, as a side effect!

I encourage you to try these different ways to relieve stress today, so that you will know how to deal with stress the next time you feel it.

The purpose of The Stress Relief Teacher is to give you the stress tips that have saved me from my former life of chaos, tears and hopelessness. These specific ways to relieve stress have taught me how to build and maintain a life filled with peace, gratitude and enthusiasm. You can have this also, and you can start right now.

Here's Your First FREE Tip

To help you deal during your next stressful incident, say these four simple sentences to yourself while watching or thinking about your current stressful situation:

I love you. I forgive you. I'm sorry. Thank you.

Repeat this set of four sentences until you relax a bit and can change your thoughts to a non-stressful one. You are saying this to yourself- not the person or situation that upset you!

Even feeling a little better, will indicate that you have erased a small glitch from your past programming which may have brought that stress into your life. The power of these four simply statements should not be underestimated.

When you find yourself thinking again about who, or what, got you upset, go back to these four statements and repeat them again until you find a better focus that you can stick with.


By the way- This is an ancient, mystical Hawaiian Huna technique, called ho'oponopono. You can learn more about how it works when you click on the Theosophy tab on the top left side of this page.

What Would YOU Do For a Bit of Stress Relief Today?

How peaceful is your life? Do you want help reducing the drama and increasing the fun?

Do you wish for more tranquility? Are you searching for how to deal with stress? Have you tried making things work, but you still find yourself in a bad place?

To start creating your better life, you need knowledge. Knowledge is power, they say.

How Am I Qualified?

On this website you will find many expert tips that I used for reducing my stress, using multiple avenues of influence. I lived a life full of continuous stressful events and long-enduring stressful situations.

I experienced years of tension in my classroom, which is now just a shadow of what it used to be.

I conquered career burnout, and saved myself from wasting years of training and preparation.

I overcame a severe anxiety disorder that was ruining my life, and it never came back!

I also changed my stressful marriage, without any participation from my spouse; thereby eliminating the need for the most severe solution: a divorce!

I was a student for over 24 years, including 12 years of undergraduate and graduate school research, writing and exams, by which I earned my doctoral degree.

I have been a working parent of three children for over a decade and I know how tough and wonderful this job is.

I've even been held at gun point on the side of a dark highway when my car broke down on my way home from final exams.

As you can see, I am very experienced at dealing with many kinds of stress!

Now you can discover the stress relief techniques I used to deal successfully with stress under many different conditions.

I am passionately dedicated to bringing you the best information and advice on a very wide range of interesting- and sometimes controversial- stress management strategies that can really help you.

Your part in this is to click on the links and read with an open mind and a willing heart.

Who Can Find Help Here?

This site is for every stressed person. Whether you are...

  • a working parent, who is responsible for a family; or
  • a busy professional, meeting deadlines; or
  • a student trying to balance grades, sports, and friends; or
  • a spouse in a struggling marriage; or
  • a person dealing with a tough personal relationship; or
  • a teacher managing many students for several hours a day; or
  • a stay-at-home parent trying to maintain their sanity while juggling home duties and the kids; or
  • a business owner vying for the edge over your competition; or
  • a regular "Joe" (or "Mary"?) trying to get through each day

There's something here for everyone who desperately needs MORE peace and SATISFACTION in their life.

Nothing is So Bad You Can't Fix It Yourself

I've designed this site with you, the totally stressed out person, in mind. Especially, if you are one of those truly sad people, who doubts that anything can help your situation. My menu topics on the left side of this page will give you many solutions for how to deal with stress-starting right now.

The best news is that my stress management strategies do not require the cooperation of anyone else. You can fix your entire life by yourself. I will show you how the ball is in your court and teach you that you have complete control over the game.

If some of these stress tips seem too easy or you can't believe they can really work for you; try them anyway-I promise they may surprise you!

Are you desperate enough for ways to relieve stress that you'll try anything? Then you will get very quick results by following the links on this site.

If you are not really hungry for relief, at least browse these articles. The words you read will be enough to plant the seeds of help in your mind. I think you'll come back and reconsider trying a few tips to learn how to deal with stress.

How do you know which ones to try? The best stress management strategies for you are those that catch your eye. Just follow your instinct and click on the links that jump out at you.

The worse your stress is now, the more of my tips for reducing stress you may want to incorporate into your daily life.

I have seen these methods save lives, relationships and careers. I hope you know in your heart that this is worth a try and that you're ready to make it happen. You deserve a life of peace and joy.

You Can Do It Now

I believe we all have the power to change our lives. You too, can find yourself in a fresh, new life of harmony, happiness and true wealth and success. If you can imagine it, then it is already waiting for you. Go ahead and click on a link (yes, you do have to do something to get this ball rolling) and then just see what happens!

You may want to take a quick glance now at some of the topics available here in the list below. Every article is focused on how to deal with stress.

I really do try my best to provide you with the most effective, easiest and personally tested stress management strategies that can teach you how to deal with stress and dramatically reduce the pressure in your life (especially when things get really out of control).

Everything is going to be OK. Just take the first step with me as your guide.

You will know how to deal with stress better, once you have started using any of the easy tips for reducing stress. Click now on YOUR best link located on the left side of this page.

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